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Pink Macaroons



Decorative Desserts by Danielle was actually created as a way for us to provide beautifully hand crafted cakes for charity. From there the bakery grew into what it is today!

Today our bakery now specializes in handcrafted, homemade, small batch custom confections for everyone. What sets our bakery apart from standard commercial store fronts is that we work in small batches which allows consist high quality baking. 

Supporting local farmers, suppliers and vendors is also what sets us apart. Staying local allows us to continually support others in our community as well as truly guarantee high quality ingredients.

A little about me (Danielle), I have loved baking since I was a little girl, I've been in the kitchen as long as I can remember! I have a degree in Culinary Arts but like many others I decided that just because I have a degree in something that doesn't mean that was my exact path. Now I bring my culinary skills into the bakery with recipe creating and testing. After years of working and running other bakeries I decided to compete in a cake competition and I actually WON! That was the day I decided to leave my main job and fully commit to my own bakery. The rest as they say is history! 

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